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2017 Autumn Scientific Meeting and AGM
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Friday 13 Oct 2017 09:00 AM
Friday 13 Oct 2017 17:00 PM
King's College Hospital, London
Programme (can change before the event)
DateTimeType Presenter
Fri 13 Oct 201708:40Registration Arrive  
Fri 13 Oct 201709:10Abstract Ultrasound Fingertips and Tiptoes Water Induced Skin Wrinkling Quantification Dr Antonin Gechev
Fri 13 Oct 201709:25Abstract Similarities under scale transformation: mathematical simulation of biological neuronal network spiking models and translations across physiological EEG rhythms, ictogenesis and different epileptiform phenomena from intracranial and surface EEG recordings (Adrian Prize candidate) Dr Nick Tsarouchas
Fri 13 Oct 201709:40Abstract Predicting Outcomes in Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis using EEG (Adrian Prize candidate) Dr Graham Blackman
Fri 13 Oct 201709:55Abstract Short communication - TeleEEG Dr Gareth C Payne
Fri 13 Oct 201710:05Abstract Short communication - Audit proposal: Electrodiagnosis of Motor Neuron Disease Dr Nofal Khalil
Fri 13 Oct 201710:15Lecture Intracranial EEG and Epilepsy Surgery; historical development and recent advances. Dr Robert Elwes
Fri 13 Oct 201711:00Refreshment COFFEE  
Fri 13 Oct 201711:30Lecture Geoffrey Parr Lecture - Tomographic imaging of fast neural activity in brain and nerve using Electrical Impedance Tomography – pipe dream, reality (or somewhere in between)? Professor David Holder
Fri 13 Oct 201712:30Refreshment Lunch  
Fri 13 Oct 201713:30AGM AGM  
Fri 13 Oct 201714:15Lecture Microneurography (TBC) Dr Jordi Serra
Fri 13 Oct 201715:00Abstract Medical Student Bursary presentation - Are distinct inputs in M1 selectively employed by a motor decision-making task? Mr Sachin Modi
Fri 13 Oct 201715:15Refreshment TEA  
Fri 13 Oct 201715:45Abstract EEG and SSEP for prognostication following cardiac arrest at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, 2012-2017 (Adrian Prize candidate) Dr Aggie Skorko
Fri 13 Oct 201716:00Abstract Somatosensory Evoked Potentials and Central Motor Conduction Times help predict outcomes from Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in children with dystonia Dr Verity McClelland
Fri 13 Oct 201716:15Abstract Microneurographic findings in patients with POTS Dr Jordi Serra
Fri 13 Oct 201716:30Abstract RCT of Bumetanide in Hypokalaemic Periodic Paralysis (HypoPP) using abductor digiti minimi compound muscle action potential (CMAP) as an objective outcome measure (Adrian Prize candidate) Dr Renata S. Scalco
Fri 13 Oct 201716:45Close Closing remarks and depart  

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